General board member SFAG

Stichting Studiefonds Arme Kinderen Groningen • job opening nr. 13866

Interesting about this job

SAKG is a start-up organisation, which supports poor children to be able to study at the desired level.

Together with the other board members, you will continue to set up the organisation, ultimately making it successful. 

Job tasks and duties

  • You will help recruit students for this project.
  • You may also handle client administration and later the recruitment and management of study coaches.
  • You know how to raise funds for our project and set up and maintain networks. 

Minimum education level: lbo/mavo/vmbo

Job skills and qualities

  • You have MBO/HBO working and thinking level.
  • You have sufficient computer skills.
  • You can easily establish contacts with sponsors.
  • You are someone who enjoys working in a team.
  • You would like to bring poor children to a higher level.

Extra information

FAG was launched on 8 November 2023. It was then that a book on the life of founder Ulfert J Molenhuis was previewed. He earmarked the proceeds of this book to enable poor children to study at their level. Meanwhile, in a few months, funds and companies have already paid over €15,000 for this purpose. Financial applications are still pending.

We will start up in 2024 with a small number of students. Based on the pluses and minuses, we will expand that with the help of coaches who will guide the students after an intake. In an even later phase, we want to supervise in groups at a central location(s). In the meantime, we also hope to gain knowledge from similar projects in other places in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam.

Ulfert Molenhuis, former chairman of the Voedselbank stad Groningen and relationship manager of Voedselbanken Nederland is chairman. The pennningmastership is in the hands of Dick Kijff. He is a financial expert and works as a volunteer at the Voedselbank stad Groningen.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services accident insurance, training, expense allowance, travel expenses
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 5 hours, max 10 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? Yes
Location Overleg op hoofdlocatie

Organisation address and information

Stichting Studiefonds Arme Kinderen Groningen
Berlageweg 110
9731 LK Groningen