Textile collection driver

GoudGoed Kringloop door WerkPro • job opening nr. 11531

Interesting about this job

You work in a team and in an environment that respects your efforts. We like to pay attention to each other's wishes.
We would like to be an alternative to sitting at home. We want to be a pleasant workplace where meaningful work is central.

Job tasks and duties

A driver at Goudgoed textiles has a busy and sociable life; he starts the day with his colleagues and after the work for the day has been discussed he drives routes and empties the containers where people deposit their textiles.
The driver also enjoys being physically busy. He or she is physically able to do the work, and knows his way around the city. It is physically tough work, but you are not alone; you work together with colleagues and at the end of the day you go home satisfied. Because one of our drivers got regular work, we have room for another driver. 

Cooperation with your colleagues is important and you must have a B driving licence. It is a also a good place to work on falling behind in your language skills. If you would like to combine this work with other work at Goudgoed, that is also possible, such as warehouse work, sorting work or shop work. 

Job skills and qualities

  • We would like you to have good handling skills with customers and colleagues; do you need help with that?
  • To be able to load and unload, you have to perform lifting activities; do we need to teach you anything in that?
  • Do your colleagues enjoy having you around? We welcome you.

Extra information

We look at your situation and your needs during an introductory meeting. Sometimes it becomes clear during this meeting that there is a possibility of a participation job (municipality of Groningen, Haren and Ten Boer), a reïntegration programme or a placement within the framework of day care. In the end, the important thing is that both you and WerkPro can be satisfied.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work, Participation Job, Language Internship, Suitable For Non-Dutch Speakers
Services WA insurance, accident insurance, training, volunteer contract, expense allowance, travel expenses, volunteer reimbursement
Duration 3 to 6 months
Hours per week at least 16 hours, max 32 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Location We zitten in hetzelfde pand als Goudgoed Damsterdiep maar dan aan de achterzijde

Organisation address and information

GoudGoed Kringloop door WerkPro
Damsterdiep 269
9713 EE Groningen