Employee (On)Gestoorde afternoon

Stichting Ongestoord • job opening nr. 11649

Interesting about this job

We offer the opportunity to actively think/act throughout the organisation. If you like challenges, a high degree of independence.

For and by people with a psychiatric act background.

Job tasks and duties

  • To run the (On)Gestoorde Afternoon every Wednesday.
  • Make and maintain contacts with visitors.
  • Providing a friendly atmosphere and safe environment for visitors to meet.
  • Preparing for the meeting.
  • At the end of the service, evaluate with colleagues’s.
  • Expressing the mission and vision of the foundation.
  • Make coffee/tea and wash up.
  • Organising activities.

Minimum education level: mbo

Job skills and qualities

  • Able to work independently and in a team. 
  • Affinity with the target group. 
  • Good interpersonal and social skills.
  • Stress-resistant.
  • Minimum of two afternoons per month.

Extra information

Because as a foundation we do not do relief work, experience is not necessary. We offer everyone the opportunity to get to know the target group in an accessible way. This means that you also have the opportunity, as a student, to sign up if you want to get to know the target group while you are still studying.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services volunteer contract
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 4 hours, max 8 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening
Location Onze werklocatie voor de ontmoetingsmiddag,Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6.(gebouw Edanz)

Organisation address and information

Stichting Ongestoord
Singelweg 14B
9712 JL Groningen