Staff member Oncology Information Centre

Vrijwilligers & Vrienden UMCG • job opening nr. 11993

Interesting about this job


  • Provides a warm welcome to patients and companions.
  • Contacts relevant departments if the patient has any questions.
  • Makes sure to keep the necessary materials replenished.
  • Provides information to oncology patients and their families on cancer-related matters.
  • From the Information Centre, refers patients to the appropriate staff member or agencies.
  • Sells products available at the Information Centre, such as so-called buffs and jewellery.

Job tasks and duties

The volunteers emphasise the healthy in the patients. Through their activities, they try to remove the patients from the atmosphere of the hospital and form a connection with the "outside world". Thus, the worries and fears associated with hospitalisation can be temporarily pushed into the background. This has a significant positive impact on the patient's well-being.
We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers for the Information Centre. At the Information Centre, information is provided to oncology patients and their families by volunteers on cancer-related issues in the broadest sense. This information is given in addition to the (oral and written) communication provided in the consulting rooms by the healthcare providers.

Job skills and qualities


  • Looks presentable.
  • Have a good command of the Dutch language both verbally and in writing.
  • Has a customer-oriented and empathetic attitude towards patients, caregivers and visitors to the information centre.
  • Has high communication skills.
  • Has sufficient basic knowledge of the areas of information to be provided. (preferably a medical/nursing background).
  • Has sufficient knowledge of computers to carry out reporting and information provision via computer and internet.
  • Be available for a minimum of 1 half-day per week.

Extra information

About 380 volunteers are active within the Friends of the UMCG Foundation.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services WA insurance, accident insurance, training, volunteer contract, travel expenses
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 4 hours, max 8 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Location UMCG, Hanzeplein 1 Groningen

Organisation address and information

Vrijwilligers & Vrienden UMCG
Hanzeplein 1
9713 GZ Groningen