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Interzorg Noord-Nederland • job opening nr. 12047

Interesting about this job

Clients and staff greatly appreciate volunteers. We are glad you are there!

So you get a huge amount of gratitude in return. Also, a good mileage allowance. 

Job tasks and duties

In Kornoeljehof, Vries several elderly people are desperate for a volunteer to help them with activities such as going to the market on Friday mornings, going for a walk in nature or playing a game.
If you are able to spare 1 or 2 hours for an elderly person once a week or once every fortnight, please sign up! We look forward to seeing you!

Job skills and qualities

  • Friendly.
  • Patient.
  • Social.
  • Representable

Extra information

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services WA insurance, training, travel expenses, Certificate of Good Conduct is required
Duration 3 to 6 months
Hours per week at least 2 hours, max 3 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? Yes
Location Kornoeljehof

Organisation address and information

Interzorg Noord-Nederland
Ceintuurbaan Zuid 21
9301 HW Roden