Coffee and tea house manager

Stichting Kiosk Diamantpark • job opening nr. 12380

Interesting about this job

As a foundation, our motive is to be a cosy and approachable meeting place, where everyone is welcome for a cup of coffee or tea, with sweets, ice creams etc. At the kiosk, an opportunity for a chat, support and warmth is offered in a friendly atmosphere. One can talk and also get information about all the social opportunities the neighbourhood has to offer.

1. Welfare. Connecting sports, exercise and meeting. More attraction for Diamond Park.
2. Loneliness. A cup coffee consolation against loneliness. Offering people who are alone a nice meeting place for new contacts in the Vinkhuizen neighbourhood.
3. Safety. Increased sense of security because someone is present in Diamond Park from the kiosk.

Job tasks and duties

Are you hospitable, representative and communicative? Can you organise, solve and motivate? Are you enthusiastic, driven and widely employable?
Foundation Kiosk Diamantpark in Vinkhuizen is looking for one or two administrators, hostesses -men. This is a volunteer vacancy of at least 2 days a week.
In this position, you are the point of contact for the volunteers. You are the face of the kiosk in Diamond Park. You are determined to make the kiosk a success. The kiosk can only be paid by pin/contactless.

  • You coordinate the volunteers.
  • You pay attention to your guests.
  • You take orders and settle accounts.
  • You make work schedules.
  • You take stock.
  • You keep the kiosk tidy and clean.
  • You actively think along to make the kiosk the vibrant heart of the Vinkhuizen neighbourhood.
  • You provide a weekly report to the three board members of the Foundation.

We are a newly started team of enthusiastic neighbourhood residents. That is ready for each other and for its clients. In consultation, we can see together what the wishes of our visitors are and respond accordingly. The customer is always king.

Minimum education level: mbo

Job skills and qualities

  • Customer-friendly.
  • Representative.
  • Communicative.
  • Service-oriented.
  • Cooperative.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Impathetic.

Extra information

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am – 4pm
Tuesday* and Thursday*:      11am – 3pm
Saturday* and Sunday:           1pm – 5pm
The kiosk will open a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 6 per week in summer. In spring, autumn and winter, this aim is also there, but depends more on the weather. If you are interested, please send a message to the board (Emma Bel, Ludwig Trieling and Leendert Tholen). We will contact you as soon as possible.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services WA insurance, accident insurance, training, volunteer contract
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 3 hours, max 18 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Location Diamantpark

Organisation address and information

Stichting Kiosk Diamantpark
Koperstraat 25
9743 RX Groningen