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Buurten bij Bernlef • job opening nr. 12502

Interesting about this job

Buurten bij Bernlef is a neighbourhood restaurant in the Paddepoel district (Groningen). Led by professional chefs, (mainly) local residents work in this neighbourhood restaurant. More than 60 local residents eat in the restaurant every day. The restaurant is also a meeting place in the neighbourhood and is available for activities.

Job tasks and duties

As a hostess/host, you play a central role in the meeting hall and have a presentable appearance. You have a listening ear and can deal with elderly people who have dementia and/or mental health problems. You will be the point of contact for the residents, visitors and tenants of the common rooms and make sure that the right question goes to the right person.

    • You have good social skills.
    • You have a listening ear and can empathise well with others.
    • You can deal with elderly people and are aware of their vulnerability.
    • You are stress-resistant and can work carefully.
    • You can work both independently and as part of a team.

Job skills and qualities

A personal welcoming at the information point is very important in this approachable facility. You will create an inviting atmosphere and help keep the area tidy and well-kept, such as the reading table with magazines and newspapers and the coffee area. You show visitors the way and inform them about the various organisations working in the building. You will also take care of light administrative tasks such as maintaining the residents' list and communicate with various departments over the phone.

  • You will find varied work with nice colleagues.
  • Together with you, we will look at what suits you best.
  • Work in residential care centre Bernlef.
  • Working with a dynamic target group.

Extra information

We look at your situation and your needs during an introductory meeting. Sometimes it becomes clear during this meeting that there is a possibility of a participation job (municipality of Groningen, ten boer, zuidhorn), a reïntegration trajectory or a day care placement.

It does not matter if you need extra guidance if we can arrange something for that from the WMO; In the end, what matters is that everyone is satisfied with the work content and guidance.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work, Participation Job
Services WA insurance, volunteer contract
Duration 3 to 6 months
Hours per week at least 8 hours, max 32 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Location Bernlef residential care centre

Organisation address and information

Buurten bij Bernlef
Antaresstraat 45
9742 LB Groningen