Cycling lesson volunteer

Multicultureel Vrouwencentrum Jasmijn • job opening nr. 1289

Interesting about this job

  • The satisfaction of having taught an adult how to ride a bike.
  • Meeting women from other cultures.

Job tasks and duties

Two times a year, women's centre Jasmijn organises a cycling course, in spring and autumn. In both periods, the course lasts for five weeks. The Cycling Course is on 2 half-days a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9.15 - 11.15 am.

The work of the volunteers consists of supporting the Cycling students during the practical part of the course (i.e. while practising on the bike).

We need cycling volunteers for two cycling courses.

Bicycle course 8 April - 15 May 2024

Bike course 2 is from 27 May - 26 June 2024 

Minimum education level: lbo/mavo/vmbo

Job skills and qualities

  • Have an affinity with the objective of MVC Jasmine and, of course, be able to cycle yourself!

Extra information

Jasmine needs cycling volunteers in spring and autumn.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work, Suitable For Non-Dutch Speakers, Fit For Newcomers
Services volunteer reimbursement
Duration short job
Hours per week at least 2 hours, max 4 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
monday morning, wednesday morning
Location Multicultureel vrouwencentrum Jasmijn.

Organisation address and information

Multicultureel Vrouwencentrum Jasmijn
Floresstraat 2-1
9715 HS Groningen