Bicycle steward

WerkPro Stallingen • job opening nr. 13019

Interesting about this job

  • Your workplace is on the street in Groningen city centre, in pairs or in a team.
  • You are part of a vibrant city; you have many unexpected situations and you meet many people on the street.
  • You don't have to know and be able to do everything; you have colleagues and we also organise training if several people have a learning question.
  • Work hours can be during the day, but also in the evening, at night and on weekends. From very quiet to quite busy. Indicate what you want and we will try to take you into account.

Job tasks and duties

We organise supervision and shelter for bicycles; the most widely used urban transport in the city of Groningen. We manage many different shelters and therefore also have many different workplaces and types of work to offer.

  • repositioning fallen bicycles, arranging bicycles in rows, installing temporary bicycle parking bays (lines).
  • Call cyclists to account for their incorrectly parked bicycle in a neat and customer-friendly manner.
  • Inform and refer cyclists to parking options.
  • Talking to town centre entrepreneurs about bottlenecks and solutions.
  • Signalling traffic unsafe situations in the inner city due to bicycle nuisance.
  • You have some command of Dutch.  

Job skills and qualities

  • You know what customer-friendliness means; you understand that you have to (be able to) be customer-friendly in your work. If you have trouble dealing with difficult customers, we may be able to support you with some training in that area.
  • You wear work clothes because the city environment would like to recognise you. (We also provide you with those clothes).
  • We would like to be able to rely on your presence, so if you have trouble arriving on time you should first walk with a colleague for a while.
  • You walk and move a lot during your work; you must be physically able to do so.
  • In a participation job, you re available at least 16 hours a week. 

Extra information

There is a lot you can do. It starts with you wanting to do something. If, during our discussions, it turns out that a workplace with the bicycle stewards is not suitable, we can also discuss a better place for you; inside or outside WerkPro.
Work hours can be during the day, but also in the evening, at night and at weekends. From very quiet to quite busy.
Suggest what you want, and we'll try to take you into account. 
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We'd love to hear from you; call 050-5774025 and we'll get back to you.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work, Participation Job, Suitable For Non-Dutch Speakers
Services WA insurance, accident insurance, volunteer contract, expense allowance, volunteer reimbursement
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 8 hours, max 32 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Location WerkPro Stallingen

Organisation address and information

WerkPro Stallingen
Protonstraat 6
9743 AL Groningen