Repair worker

Repair Café Ten Boer (onderdeel Dorpsbelangen Ten Boer) • job opening nr. 13149

Interesting about this job

Nice club of repair volunteers who will help you and think along with you on a repair job.
Make people happy when you have repaired their broken things.

Job tasks and duties

Repair Café Ten Boer is a volunteer club that repairs broken things for/along with the residents of Ten Boer and surrounding areas.
4/5 times a year we do so, on Saturdays, from 10:00 to 14:00. 

We try to repair broken things together, for less waste.

  • Do you have experience in repairing and a feel for technology (electronics, bikes, etc)
  • Do you have experience working with fabrics (sewing, mending)?

Then you are most welcome to volunteer at our Repair Café!

Job skills and qualities

  • Social.
  • Interact friendly with people who wish to have something repaired. Explaining what is broken and what parts could possibly be ordered.
  • Technical - repairing broken things.
  • Creative - coming up with solutions.

Extra information

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work, Thuiswerk mogelijk
Services WA insurance
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 2 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Location Village house Ten Boer

Organisation address and information

Repair Café Ten Boer (onderdeel Dorpsbelangen Ten Boer)
Sportlaan 2
9791 LX Ten Boer