Buddies for children and young people

Humanitas • job opening nr. 13488

Interesting about this job

You are not just a buddy. You are there for exclusive attention to the child and/or to relieve the family. Every week, you will visit the child for half a day to do fun activities with the child. This gives parents some time to themselves to recharge their batteries. In our experience, your presence alone means a lot to the child!

Job tasks and duties

Beautiful Afternoon Buddies is for children and young people aged between 4 and 18 who are in a vulnerable situation. For example due to a disability, poverty or loneliness. As a buddy, you come once a week or every two weeks to do fun things with the child. This can be at the child's home or you can do things outside the home. You can, for example, do sports together, go to the museum, play a game, make music together, cycle or swim together. This way, parents have some time for themselves or for the other children and you provide the child with a fun afternoon! 

We ask for an availability of one year. We ask this because it takes time to build up a trusting relationship with a child and almost all children need long-term buddy contact. 

Specific call:

Korrewegwijk, sweet 9 year old boy with a lot of energy. Parents divorced a few years ago, and the children (he has an older brother) are still having a hard time with that. A buddy who can offer a listening ear when he needs it and who can undertake fun activities with him. He takes hockey, taekwondo, guitar lessons. Also enjoys playing football, frisbee, games (chess, uno, on laptop). It's best to meet up on the weekend.

Haren, 9 year old boy. His sister has a mental disability. Although parents try very hard to divide the attention well, in practice most of the attention goes to her. He adores his sister, they get along well. Sometimes he finds it difficult that he gets less attention, but he also understands it.
He would really enjoy having a male buddy who pays full attention to him. Someone with whom he can play football, play games, go to town, do fun things together.

Beijum, 12 year old boy. Quiet, sweet boy, goes to special education. He can't go outside alone as there is a group of children in the neighborhood who bully other children. Plays football at Kids United. He has few activities outside of school and is looking for someone to go out with him.

Vinkhuizen, 2 sisters aged 16 and 18. Nice girls who like to chat and do girly things. They are both very busy with school and are also serious about it. They have had buddies before, and they ask for help with homework and doing fun activities: going into town, playing a game, baking together. With the last buddy, who only stayed for a short time, the contact was mainly focused on homework guidance. They often did fun things outside with their buddy.

Haren, 7 year old girl. She has lived in a loving foster family since a young age and has been through a lot in her young life. A patient buddy can offer her a pleasant, relaxing afternoon where there is full attention for her. Foster parents are closely involved and can indicate how best to approach her. Interests: She is a girly girl, loves playing outside, making slime, baking, crafts, playground, cycling, make-up, nail polish.

Job skills and qualities

  • Patient
  • Loveable to children
  • Listening ear
  • Trustworthy
  • Entrepreneurial

Extra information

For more information:
Yvonne de Vries, project coördinator Beautiful Afternoon Buddies.  06-51421506

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services WA insurance, training, Certificate of Good Conduct is required
Duration 6 to 12 months
Hours per week at least 2 hours, max 4 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? Yes
Location Bij gezinnen thuis, in de stad

Organisation address and information

Akerkhof ZZ 22
9711 JB Groningen