Tuin in de Stad • job opening nr. 7952

Interesting about this job

Tuinindestad is a piece of urban nature, where the wind clears the mind. It is located behind Vinkhuizen in Westpark. That seems far, but is only a 15-minute bike ride from the Martinitoren.

People meet, outside in the garden or inside in the living room. Have a cup of coffee, ask a question or buy a plant. Children play on the nature playground or pet the bunnies. Sometimes there is a course or workshop.
Together we make Tuinindestad. A pleasant working atmosphere and collegiality are important. Tuinindestad is not a rigid organisation. Everyone is equal, comes and goes on their own time. If you find that difficult, you can get a buddy 1-on-1 who works up with you.

There is always plenty to do and experience, but we are especially open to your ideasën (not necessary, but possible).

Job tasks and duties

Gardenindestad has its own and perhaps unique way of working. At Tuinindestad, people develop in an informal atmosphere. Origin, education and the physical and/or mental situation of the individual participant do not matter. Anyone with some independence can participate in the way that best suits his/her situation. It is a meeting place where everyone can be themselves.

All common work in the garden and greenhouse, such as;

  • Maintenance of mother beds.
  • Cultivating and pricking out.
  • Sweeping paths.
  • Weeding and pruning.
  • Watering.
  • Compost conversion.
  • Taking care of the rabbits and chickens.

Job skills and qualities

  • We are looking for someone who chooses to work with us.
  • Can work collaboratively.
  • Has or wants to develop basic knowledge about gardening.
  • Resistant to sun, rain, weather and wind.
  • Has respect for people and nature.
  • Can work independently which does not mean you have to do it alone.
  • People who find it (too) exciting to come on their own can get a buddy 1-on-1. 

Extra information

We grow clean plants. We do not use pesticides, fertilisers or cutting powder. We grow our new plants from organic seed with organic soil. In addition, we are very much in favour of recycling materials.

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services WA insurance, volunteer contract
Duration indefinite
Hours per week at least 4 hours, max 16 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? Yes
Location Tarralaan 6 (De Held)

Organisation address and information

Tuin in de Stad
Tarralaan 6
9745 ER Groningen