Rooms with Attention

Kamers met Aandacht • job opening nr. 13522

Interesting about this job

  • You see and help a young person develop on his or her path to independence. You function (not as a counsellor or foster parent)  as a housemate, a listening ear or a helping hand.
  • You are significant in that you give young people that final push towards independence. A lasting relationship can develop, even when the young person has started living independently it is common for landlord and young person to stay in touch.
  • You contribute to preventing dropout and homelessness among young people.
  • It gives commotion and conviviality in the home.
  • Often young people are also willing to do something in return: a chore in the house or garden, cooking for once, babysitting or walking the dog.

Job tasks and duties

Do you have space left in your home and heart?
We are looking for people who want to rent out a room to young people aged between 18 and 23. Young people who in principle can stand on their own two feet but still need just that little bit of support: a room with attention!

You decide how much attention you want to offer and consult with the young person and supervisor on how this is done. Perhaps you would like a young person to eat with you from time to time? Would you like to play sports together? Or would you rather help with the administration? Some young people are willing to do a favour in return, doing chores around the house, walking the dog or running an errand. 

Job skills and qualities

  • Everyone with a heart for young people can become a volunteer. It does not matter how old you are or how often you are at home. Any living space – with families or singles, in student houses, guesthouses or living groups – can become a Room with Attention. 
  • You must enjoy giving some form of attention, in what way you decide. 

Extra information

Monthly you will receive an amount of rent. One condition is that your rent should in any case not exceed the amount advised by the national rent commission ( The max rent is €450 per month (incl).

For more information to apply as a landlord, an online information session can be attended.

When a young person and landlord are matched and enter into a contract, the coördinator of Kamers met Aandacht is involved throughout the rental period and available for questions and guidance from the landlord. The young person's itinerant supervisor remains in contact with the young person for the six-month period. 

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Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services volunteer contract, Certificate of Good Conduct is required
Duration indefinite
Work hours of your own choosing? Yes
Location The city of Groningen

Organisation address and information

Kamers met Aandacht
Kaap Hoorndreef 66
3563 AW Utrecht