Student volunteers for Move in 1 day!

Stichting Move Groningen • job opening nr. 9672

Interesting about this job

We are looking for students who would like to join our project pool. This is completely optional. If a project is planned, you will receive an e-mail about it and you can sign up alone or together with someone else to supervise this project. You will receive a short training beforehand and then you are ready to start! Would you like to get involved in the neighbourhood, improve your project skills and help children discover their potential?

Job tasks and duties

Would you like to work with children as a student, gain new contacts, make a social contribution and develop your project skills! Then take part in Move in 1 day! In one day or several parts of the day, you and your friend, flatmate, fellow student or teammate can already make a difference for many children!

Move in 1 day!

The children (aged 8-12) will work on devising and implementing an action to make the neighbourhood they live in a bit nicer. First, the children look for and discuss themes that play a role in the neighbourhood, get to know their talents, and work out a project idea. Then they actually carry out this project and celebrate it with a celebration! Example projects include a rubbish-cleaning afternoon, handing out compliments to local residents or making a mural! Under your guidance as a volunteer, they will discover how they can contribute to their living environment and can be proud of themselves!

Minimum education level: hbo/wo

Job skills and qualities

We are looking for students who enjoy helping children discover how they can change the world, are socially engaged, have strong communication skills and work well in teams. The student:

  • Is proactive;
  • Feels responsible for the project;
  • Is entrepreneurial and enthusiastic;
  • Likes working with children;

Extra information

Mail for more information or to apply to!

Job information

Job type Volunteer Work
Services training, Certificate of Good Conduct is required
Duration short job
Hours per week at least 4 hours, max 5 hours
Work hours of your own choosing? No
Location Primary and out-of-school care

Organisation address and information

Stichting Move Groningen
Eikenlaan 288-1
9741 EW Groningen